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Our Blog February 20, 2024

5 Best Instagram Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business Profile

Writen by Hassan Ali

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Best Instagram marketing tools

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has continued to evolve, allowing businesses and influencers to market their products and achieve efficient return on investments (ROI). Instagram has become a social media powerhouse with over two billion monthly active users, making it the third most used platform after Facebook and YouTube. The importance of Instagram as a social platform continues to hold a central place as it is also the fourth most visited website in the world.

As a critical social media platform, it is a bridge that connects local, regional, and global businesses with relevant audiences to build brand awareness and drive sales. Everyone from Gen Z to millennials and minimalists enjoys scrolling through Instagram feeds and reels that work as visual storyboards for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand personalities in a captivating way. Instagram marketing tools help create eye-catching content that resonates with people emotionally, building stronger connections and fostering brand loyalty.

As a business marketing and content creation hub, Instagram has one of the highest discoverable ratios, as 70% of consumers discover new products through Instagram. In comparison, 90% of all Instagram accounts follow at least one business. For emerging companies and e-commerce businesses, the platform has helped increase sales by 130% using Instagram shopping features while translating positive interactions into brand loyalty and repeat business.

However, it is not instant coffee, and marketing businesses on Instagram require leveraging various tools designed to streamline customer communication and brand visibility. Here are five excellent tools to help you boost your business profile and increase return on investment (ROI).


1. Hootsuite – Content and Community Management

Hootsuite, a leader in the global social media management software used by over 20 million organizations, streamlines the process of overseeing multiple social media accounts. As a comprehensive platform, it enables Instagram marketing agencies and businesses to manage various accounts in one place efficiently, incorporating ad management, content planning, audience engagement tools, and digital analytics.

With features providing valuable insights and industry benchmarks, Hootsuite empowers businesses to optimize content for maximum impact. Notably, it facilitates sending hundreds of millions of monthly social media messages, yielding more than a 30% average increase in engagement and a remarkable more than 75% boost in brand awareness for users. Hootsuite is a must-have for social media managers looking to scale their operations.


2. Hashtagify – Hashtag Dominance

Hashtags or keywords are central to discoverability and categorizing content to keep users interested in specific interests and find like-minded individuals. From a branding perspective, hashtags help establish a unique identity and encourage user-generated content related to the brand. However, identifying and using the right hashtags for business growth and visibility can be challenging.

Hashtagify with a database of more than 12 million hashtags, offers robust features for hashtag management, including tracking hashtag popularity for informed campaign decisions and analytics. The tool suggests related hashtags and facilitates the exploration of semantic topics, the range of users, and the potential reach for small businesses or large enterprises. It showcases recent top Instagram posts for a searched hashtag, offering insights into trending content and aiding in hashtag relevance validation. These comprehensive features make Hashtagify a valuable tool for business growth.


3. Later – Content Creation and Scheduling

In the realm of Instagram marketing, visual storytelling is a game-changer. Later, its drag-and-drop colander features allow Instagram marketing agencies and businesses to create, edit, and schedule high-quality content in bulk. The ability to create, edit, and organize different types of videos, images, reels, and carousels while previewing your feed and rearranging it with its Visual Planner helps keep your content organized. Later’s built-in hashtag tool can be used to optimize captions and increase ROI per user.

However, Later is a good tool for small and medium businesses rather than large enterprises as it provides management of up to six social media accounts. Large enterprises and content management agencies should look for more advanced features to manage their social networks and business growth opportunities.


4. Sprout Social – In-Depth Content Insights

Sprout Social is a user-friendly platform offering centralized social media metric tracking. Its intuitive inbox manages diverse social metrics, utilizing artificial intelligence to identify trends. Similar to Later, it facilitates the creation, scheduling, and publishing of social posts, with the added benefit of posting directly from the intelligent inbox, reducing the need for manual posts. Sprout Social’s review management and influencer collaboration tools enhance organic audience growth, maximize ROI on influencer and brand content, and utilize social intelligence to optimize brand strategies. This comprehensive approach positions Sprout Social as a valuable tool for businesses seeking efficient and strategic social media management.

However, Sprout Social can be an expansive option if businesses wish to use their automated link tracking, smart inbox, paid social reporting, and custom workflow. Regardless, their social CRM, post, schedule, and publishing features are industry-leading and user-friendly.


5. Kicksta – Increase Instagram Followers

Kicksta is an excellent Instagram marketing tool to increase real followers through organic reach. It uses AI and white-hat methods to engage with other relevant Instagram accounts to your target audience while increasing your visibility by avoiding fake followers and tactics. This sustainable method helps businesses reach a wider audience while saving time through quality over quantity, striving to attract engaged followers genuinely interested in the content.

However, while Kicksta can help increase organic followers, it does not guarantee high revenue and website clicks. It is an effective tool for new businesses and brand profiles who wish to increase their followers and reach. As a new brand, consistent effort, high-quality content, and engaging with your audience directly is crucial for long-term success on Instagram.



While these tools are powerful, they are just one piece of the puzzle linked to business growth. For a truly customized and effective Instagram strategy, consider partnering with an experienced Instagram marketing agency. Apart from these marketing management tools, engaging content can be created using Canva. From captivating Instagram posts to engaging stories, Canva provides many customizable templates that can be tailored to suit your brand’s identity. Exciting and engaging content combined with a strategic blend of creativity, organization, and analytics can help provide sustainable and tangible returns on your Instagram growth strategy.

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