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Our Blog February 19, 2024

The journey from Twitter to X: An Iconic brand coming to an end

Writen by Hassan Ali

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The Twitter logo has been part of Twitter since 2010, four years after the start of Twitter. Over the course of more than a decade on the internet, Twitter has evolved into an iconic brand and a symbol of connection. Twitter has successfully incorporated itself into the social culture, with tweeting becoming a verb that millions of people use according to Mike Proulx the vice president and research director at Forrester When brands become verbs, it’s the “holy grail,” because it means they have become part of popular culture.

On 23 July the owner of Twitter tweeted “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”. Since then, there have already been a number of changes that have happened. The main change is that the logo of the Twitter bird changed to X.

With the announcement of the name change, there has been a mixed response from the users as some are happy since it will signify a new start for the app while others are upset because they have been part of Twitter for a very long time and changing the name would be same as destroying everything which existed due to twitter.

When asked as to why was he changing the name of the site he tweeted “Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app. This is not simply a company renaming itself, but doing the same thing.”

According to Elon, the name change was part of his plan on making an everything app, and “The Twitter name does not make sense in that context, so we must bid adieu to the bird.”

Elon has always had a fascination for the letter “X” as evidenced by the fact that he helped in founding a company named X.com in 1999 which would later be known as PayPal and in 2017 he purchased the domain X.com from PayPal stating “it has great sentimental value to me” and also that he also has another company named SpaceX.

The domain X.com has already been configured to redirect to Twitter when it is opened which represents that the conversion of Twitter to X is progressing at a rapid rate. As to when it will be converted and Twitter will be known as X is still unknown but with the speed it is progressing it could be very soon.

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